1. All competitions will be played in accordance with the rules of golf published by the R & A and local rules inforce at the time of play.

2. Competitions shall be open to all full playing members. Juniors under the age of 18 are, unless determined by the rules of the competition, entitled to enter providing they hold an official handicap of 24 or below.

3. In the event of a session being full and containing any junior members, full playing members can approach the Captain or Competition Secretary and request a placement on the sheet. Any junior members so moved will be placed in a different session, providing space is available.

4. The draw for competitions will normally take place on the Thursday evening. Competition fees must be paid by all members in that draw, whether they subsequently play or not. Envelopes stating the member's name, the amount owed and the competition missed will be placed on the notice board in the locker room. Members should refer to the no show rules regarding further action.

5. In the event of spaces coming available in the draw any member who did not have his name in the draw will be permited to play in the vacant slot if he is present at the pro's shop at the said time. this is on a 1st come 1st served basis.

6. All competitions must start on the 1st tee. On completion of a competition, all cards should be recorded on the screen and placed in the competition box. It is the players responsibility to ensure the cards are correctly completed. Incorrect cards will be disqualified. In the event of a tie, the competition will be decided on the basis of, best last card, best last 9, best last 6, 3, 1. etc.


1. The BRS booking system will allow members to select their own playing partners and starting times. Except for the individual monthly stableford, where a draw will be made.

2. Fourball competitions. in the event that there is a threesome, one player may act as an anchour man (swinger). This player is to be the one with the lowest handicap.

3. No member may enter their name to play twice over a weekend until the Monday before the competietion.


Members both in summer and winter can enter competitions via the BRS system in the entrance way. New competitions become available on Thursday evenings from 8.00pm and available from home or phone from 8.30pm. Closing time for competitions is 5.00pm on the Thursday before the comp. Any member wishing to remove their name must do it before that time.


Any member who's name is on the weekends time sheet and doesn't play will have an envelope placed on the board and will be disqulified from further competitions until the envelope is paid. This will also be classed as one no show. Any member who has three no shows within a rolling three month period will have to miss the next two weeks competitions, a fourth no show and three weeks competitions will have to be missed. In the event of five no show's the member concerned will be asked to appear before the handicap committee. Any member who has been the subject of the no show rules has the right of appeal to the handicap committee and must put any appeal in writing. Mebers who are approaching a ban will be contacted and informed of the situation.



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